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The incidence of CP is about 1.2-2.5%, clinical features are abnormal in posture and muscular tension, involuntary movement and ataxia, which are usually associated with sensory disturbance, cognitive dysfunction, behavioral disorder, secondary skeletal muscle abnormalities and epileptic seizures. A flat foot is a Orthopaedic condition of the foot where foot looses its normal arch. You may sometimes get ticked off at yourself.

Many of my patients are extremely active in sports and running. Orthotics are devices that enhance function and compensate for biomechanical problems in the leg. Changing joint positions and alignment in the foot and ankle have a direct effect on your knee and hip.

Wearing the right kind of shoes, avoids any kind of problems associated with feet and toes. Orthopedic shoes for infants have perfect shape that provide immense comfort to their tender feet. The following points shall let you know the advantages of buying these shoes for your kids. Children's feet need proper support, so that formation of bones takes place in the correct way. The problem basically arises due to regular use of shoes having minimal arching.

Pain along the course of the posterior tibial tendon which lies on the inside of the foot and ankle. When the foot collapses, the heel bone may shift position and put pressure on the outside ankle bone (fibula). Patients with an old injury or arthritis in the middle of the foot can have painful, bony bumps on the top and inside of the foot. Occasionally, the bony spurs are so large that they pinch the nerves which can result in numbness and tingling on the top of the foot and into the toes. Diabetics may only notice swelling or a large bump on the bottom of the foot. Because their sensation is affected, people with diabetes may not have any Bunion Pain causes. The large bump can cause skin problems and an ulcer (a sore that does not heal) may develop if proper diabetic shoewear is not used. It starts at a muscle in the calf, travels down the inside of the lower leg and attaches to the bones on the inside of the foot. If the ligaments are torn, the foot will become flat and painful.

Pronation in running is used as a cushion or spring like feature to soften the impact from the force of landing. If you have a neutral arch then you can use just about any style running shoe. This foot type does not need heavy cushioning or high arch support. Most runners with a neutral arch prefer a lightweight lower profile shoe that lets the foots do its natural bio-mechanical movements.

You should be able to make out the curve of the arch just by looking at your foot. Your arch collapses, however, when you stand and your foot is made to bear the weight of your body. People with low arches experience a phenomenon known as overpronation. That is, it rolls slightly inward as you move through your gait from your heel to your toes. Athletic shoes that promote stability and motion control can help prevent these injuries among athletes with fallen arches. People with flat feet are also susceptible to the above injuries. In fact, having flat feet was one of the easiest ways to be dismissed from military service during World War II (although future studies have proven that the link between flat feet and foot and leg injuries was highly exaggerated). Sometimes adults contract flat feet. Flat feet are often hereditary.

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